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A historic location…

Old stuff Posted on Mon, October 31, 2011 14:29:00

After the meteor day on 29 oktobe, which was organised by de DMS, WGM and VVS, Inneke Vanderkerken and Michel Vandeputte stayed at my home on Sunday. After a long walk with the dogs we drove to the nice villages of Elburg and Harderwijk. Near Harderwijk we also take a look at an old “historical” location. The water tower in the woods near Harderwijk where in the 80s and early 90s the old meteor observing team Delphinus observed. On the roof of this tower we observed during many nights.
Besides many Perseid campaigns also many activities outside of the big streams were performed. The last meteor action from the water tower were the Leonids of 1993.

Picture: Michel (left) and Koen (right) at the front of the almost 105 year old watertower. Image taken by Inneke Vanderkerken.

Expedition to Roque De Los Muchachos at La Palma in 2008

Old stuff Posted on Mon, January 31, 2011 07:42:49

In the period July 23 to August 1, 2008 I stayed with four friends at the observatory Roque de Los Muchachos ( ) on La Palma. There we observed the southern Delta Aquariids, a meteor shower. A photo report can be found here:
A Dutch written report can be found here:

Picture: the Milky way on La Palma. The moon was already above the horizon, but also many stars were visible. Camera: Canon EOS 40D with a Sigma 4.5 mm F/2.8 EX DC Circulair fish eye lens. Mount: Vixen Photoguider type II.