On december 6, 2015 at 02:37 UT my all sky camera captured a bright fireball of magnitude -8. Despite a cirruscloud cover, the camera had no trouble tot catch it. It was also captured with the CAMS 351 camera.

Picture 1. Bright fireball, despite a lot of thick cirrus. Click on the image for a better resolution.

Picture 2. Crop of image above.

Picture 3. Original image of CAMS 351 camera.

Picture 4. The meteor in the middle is a reflection within the lens system of the camera.

Picture 5. A bright persistent train captured 1 second after the fireball. Despite the heavy cirruscover!

Camera: Canon EOS 40D
Lens: Sigma 4.5 mm F2.8 EX DC Circulair fish eye
Timer Controller: Canon TC80N3
Exposure time: 89s
Interval: 1 s
ISO: 400
F: 3,2
Date: 06-12-2015
Period UT: 02:36:30-02:37:59
Time UT: 02:37:45 (timing CAMS 352 Ermelo).
Classification: SPO-HYD?
Constellation: CNC
Brightness: -8 (flare)
Simultaneously: EN-92 Wilderen, CAMS Gronau