On January 25, the roof of my dormer was adapted as a small meteor observatory. There are now two fixed CAMS systems (CAMS 351 and CAMS 352), and a all sky camera (EN-98). |
The all sky camera is still in a preliminary setup, in the future it eventually comes at a higher place so I have no obstruction anymore of a part of the roof and the chimneys.

Around the flat roof I made a lightshield, it is about 30 cm high. It was made of trespa. Trespa is made of very strong wood fibers combined with various resins. It is very strong material and requires no maintenance. Notably the all sky camera suffered from light reflections that ended up in the camera via the sector.

For visual observations I made a place with eight rubber tiles of 40 cm (so it measures 80 x 160 cm) were I can lie down and observe the meteors. There I have a very good view in northern direction, but also in southern direction (although there is some obstruction of the roof to about 20 degrees high).
My regular observing place is at the Groevenbeekse Heide (a heath 500 meters away from my home), but I regularly have problems with strongly varying weather conditions or there is a thick layer of ground fog on the heath. So this is a nice alternative. Maximum Lm on the heath is 6.5, on my flat dormer roof it is about 6.3.

Hoping now on clear nights…..