First try! Here’s a picture I took with my AstroTrac Travel Mount. It shows the Andromeda Nebula (a star galaxy at a distance of 2 million lightyears) and it’s two companions M32 and M110. Original pictures were taken on 5 september 2010 around 22:48 UT.

Picture: M31

Mount: AstroTrac Travel Mount with head EH 3010
Camera: Canon EOS 40D
Lens: Canon EF 200 mm F 2.8
Filter: IDAS LPF clip-in filter
Accessories: TC 80N3 timer controller, Kendrik Dewnot
Location: Groevenbeekse Heide, Ermelo, The Netherlands (5.4 east, 52.2 north)
Software: Registax5 ( ), Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro X12)

Description: Stack of 6 images of 120 seconds (720 seconds, 1000 iso, F 3,0). Click on the picture for a larger image.