Note: the picture above is not "my" asteroid! It is a picture of asteroid 243 Ida taken by the Gallileo spacecraft in august 1993.

On 18 november 2008 I was honoured to hear that the Committee on Small Body Nomenclature of the International Astronomical Union has named asteroid (132820) Miskotte. I'm very proud that an asteroid has my family name on it! This asteroïd has a diameter of 2,5 kilometers and has a period of 5,21 years. Klik here for interactive orbital elements. The asteroid was formerly known as 2002 QX65.
Note: early december I was interviewed for a TV program called Gelderse Koppen. Check out this page!

Naming citation: 132820 Miskotte:
Discovered 2002 Aug. 17 by NEAT at Palomar. Koen Miskotte (b. 1962) is a Dutch confectioner and amateur astronomer whose main interests lie in meteor astronomy. He is a very prolific meteor observer, active within the Dutch Meteor Society. The name was suggested by M. Langbroek.

Orbital elements:
Epoch 2008 Nov. 30.0 TT = JDT 2454800.5 MPC
M 147.24176 (2000.0)
n 0.18916090 Peri. 101.99777 T = 2454022.10573 JDT
a 3.0054889 Node 124.83046 q = 2.7037294
e 0.1004028 Incl. 5.50465
P 5.21 H 15.6
From 65 observations at 5 oppositions, 2001-2006, mean residual 0".57.

More info:;orb=1;cov=0;log=0#orb

Picture 1: image made by Klaas Jobse at his "Cyclops" observatory ( ). It is a stack of 20 images of 120 seconds taken with his 20" ASA astrograph. The galaxy is NGC 3338. Click on the image for a larger version.

Picture 2: image made by Marco Langbroek. "My" planetoid Miskotte 132820 is at opposition. Marco made this picture of asteroid 132820 Miskotte using a remote 37 cm Cassegrain telescope of Winer Observatory in Nevada. The picture was made on March 2, 2011. Click on the image for a larger version.

Picture 3: Animed GIF of Asteroid 132280 Miskotte (c) NEAT
(picture provided by Marco Langbroek).

Picture 4: Plot of the orbit of 132820 Miskotte (provided by Marco Langbroek)

Picture 5: Orbits of other DMS named planetoids: 42924 Betlem, 42981 Jenniskens, 183294 Langbroek and 132820 Miskotte.
Figure made by Marco Langbroek.

Picture 6: scanned article in Zenit


Asteroid 132820 Miskotte