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Meteor observations: 1979

HAR=Harderwijk, the Netherlands (52.2 north, 5.4 east)

The year 1979 in images and words
This year I conducted my first official meteor observations with start and end times, counting in starfields to determe limiting magnitudes,classifications and plotting meteors on a gnomonic star map. During the night 4/5 August 1979, I observed together with Bauke Rispens the Perseids from a roof on the watertower near Harderwijk. There was a bright moon that night, but after moonset we had one hour with a dark sky. I remember that I plotted 23 meteors. Unfortunately I do not have the original observations anymore. This night Bauke photographed the first meteor from Harderwijk. A Perseid of magnitude 0. Camera: Pentor Super TL2 with a 28 mm F 2,8 wide field lens.

Picture 1: 4/5 august 1979, my first official observations! Left: Bauke Rispens, right Koen Miskotte.
Image credits: Bauke Rispens.

Picture 2: the watertower in the woods near Harderwijk, the Netherlands.

Picture 3: the first ever meteor photograped from Harderwijk. A Perseid of magnitude 0.
Camera: Pentor STL2 wit a 28mm F 2.8 widefield lens. Image credits: Bauke Rispens.

This year I have also observed my first Quadrantids. In the cold night of 3/4 January 1979 I was with Robert and someone from Loosdrecht in a tent on the property of the Waterleiding Maatschappij Gelderland (a water company) waiting for clear spells. It was freezing outside 15 degrees below zero and only the last hour the sky cleared up. In total we saw a dozen Quadrantids including a nice -2.
During the Lyrid maximum we also tried to do some observations, but clouds and rain made observations impossible. During the night 18/19 October 1979 I organized a Orionid campaign with JWG NW Veluwe (an astronomical youthclub) at the property of a company called Navobi. It was a meadow in the woods ner the little village called Staverden. This night was clear and with 10 young participant we saw a lot of Orionids. We did not serious observations, because all our gnomonische starscharts and application forms had become soaked. Despite that a nice introduction to the Orionid meteor stream! The night 21/22 October, I observed the Orionids for a second time along with Robert Haas from a hill in the woods near Harderwijk. Many Orionids were seen, the most beautiful one was a magnitude -2 in the morning twilight.

Picture 4: Nationale Sterrenkijkdag 1979, Hortus, Harderwijk.

Picture 5: Nationale Sterrenkijkdag 1979, Hortus Harderwijk.

Picture 6: in 1979 I was a participant of a astronomy camp of the JWG (an astronomical youth organisation). There I also observed some meteors, amongst them a -5 Aquariid.

Picture 7: Dutch written report in the camp paper of the JWG, june/july 1979.