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Meteor observations: 1978

HAR=Harderwijk, the Netherlands (52.2 north, 5.4 east)

The year 1978 in images and words
In 1978 I did not serious meteor work, that started in 1979. In 1977 I joined the Youth Working Group (JWG) of the Dutch Association for Meteorology and Astronomy (KNVWS). There was in the region of Harderwijk a division of this association active called Northwest Veluwe. Together with people like Robert Haas, Bauke Rispens, Reyer Klopman and Arjen Grinwis (future members of meteor observing team Delphinus) I organized several exhibitions about astronomy in our local library and on a school in Harderwijk. Here are some pictures of the exhibition at the school in Harderwijk. This resulted in new members for our astronomy youth club (JWG).

Picture 1: astronomy exhibition at a school in Harderwijk. Robert Haas behind the table.

Picture 2: Some telescopes and Koen Miskotte at the astronomy exhibition.

During this period I was also the contact person (a sort of chairman) of the JWG division NW Veluwe. This work I did for two years. The night 9/10 August 1978 I observed the Perseïds from a watertower in the woods near Harderwijk. Together with Robert haas and Bauke Rispens we observed a lot Perseids and even a fireball. A beautiful night! This night really woke up the meteor bug in me.....
On the evening of 11 august 1978 we tried for the second time to see some Perseids, but before it was dark clouds and a drizzle came in.

Picture 3: spring 1979, shooting of rockets made by Bauke Rispens.

Picture 4: and there she goes....